Top 5 Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

weight training

Weight is often associated with the overall well-being and fitness of a person. In most instances, weight loss is often connected to fat loss from a person’s body. In essence, to lose weight, your daily activities must be enough to burn your daily calorie intake. For people who are above their normal body weight, doing the right exercise can be an effective way to lose unwanted fat.


Running, or even jogging, is still considered to be the best exercise for weight loss. For a more intense fat-burning running session, do a full sprint at maximum speed for about 30 seconds every 5 minutes in your run. As you progress, you can try going up to a minute of full-speed sprints for every 5 minutes of jogging or running. This will enable your body to burn off calories for hours after you have finished your run.

Burpees Or Squat Thrusts

Start from a standing position with your feet planted wider than your shoulders. Bending your knees and hips, squat downward until you can place your palms on the floor, then immediately kick your legs backward to assume a pushup position. Immediately reverse the movements and quickly stand up. For a more fat-burning workout, try to jump up from the squatting position instead of just standing up.

Skipping Ropes

Including this exercise in your routine can help lose weight in your thighs and stomach. Aside from being easy to do, this exercise is also entertaining. For a 5-minute routine, try skipping normally for 20 seconds and intersperse that with 10 seconds of fast, high-intensity skipping. It is better to jump on both feet during this workout, and remember to keep your back and knees straight.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell exercises are great for a whole body workout. Since kettlebells are not evenly distributed, it involves the whole body to provide stabilization and counter the weight of the ball. These exercises strengthen the core and provide increased metabolism even after you’ve finished your workout.

Weight Training

Many think that weight training is not essential in any weight loss program, but any diet needs at least a little time in the gym. Weight training builds up your muscles. The more muscle mass you have, the more calorie it needs to burn to provide energy. The best part? Calorie burning continues even after 48 hours of your workout.

5 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Your Gym Workouts


Everyone wants to get the most out of their gym workouts. Regardless whether you want to tone down or bulk up, you want your time at the gym to be more efficient and effective. If you don’t know where to start, here are tips that you can use.

Tip #1 – Eat before you work out

Never work out with an empty stomach. You need to fuel your body so you have all the energy enough to sustain until the end of your program. Get yourself some healthy snack like a protein bar or a small banana.

Tip#2 – Get a professional personal trainer

Utilize your personal trainer’s experience to your advantage. Having one would mean someone can create a program that fits your need and your body type. Your trainer will also push you and help you stay focused on the work out. If it seem to pricey, ask a friend to work out with you and share the services of the trainer because there are some who would offer a group rate.

Tip#3 – Go for Intensity

High intensity work out means that more calories are getting burned. When you’re doing cardio and you have been using the stairmaster or a stationary bike, you may want to switch to using the treadmill instead. And if you see someone near you who is also working out, save the chat and be more competitive by running a little faster or stay on the machine a little longer. Just make sure that you don’t push yourself beyond your limit.

Tip#4 – Take shorter breaks

Use your break to stretch your muscles but don’t stay too long. Take a break for 30 seconds (maximum 1 minute) and go back for another set, unless you’re doing heavy strength training then you can rest for up to two minutes. No stalling. No socializing.

Tip#5 – Choose the right supplements

Supplements are widely available in the market and because they are too many of them now, you have to select the most effective for you and the physical activity that you engage in. Read the labels to identify the nutrient forms that are included and if you’re not sure, do not hesitate in consulting your nutritionist so you can be given the best advice.